Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hai thur. I'm Sabina. Fun etymology behind Sabina-- it's a less popular for of 'Sabine'. I'm kind of mad babynamesworld just treated my life. 'Sabine' means 'From a tribe of Italy'. Oh, zee irony. Amongst my hodge-podge of races--a quarter Irish, a quarter Polish, a Dash of Lithuanian, and a half Mexican-- there is no Italian.

In fact, I'm named for my late mother, who was Mexican. She grew up in a small town. And by small, I mean, 'Oh, DAAAANG, lookit him, he's cute---What do you mean he's my cousin?!' small. Once, I asked my uncle what he thought about the War in Iraq, and he told me to stew-fu. 'Que es Iraq? Pendeja, callate, vete a ayudar su tia. Iraq...ffffffft.' Somehow, I can't see my abuelita, a tiny little farmer (think the woman on the box of the Abuelita hot chocolate, minus the glasses. a little less pampered, and darker, like the sauce of flan) pouring over a baby book. More than likely, she started rhyming things, and got her seventh daughter's name.

I googled myself (don't lie, you do it too, and you're disappointed when the only thing that pops up is like, your school's newspaper) and a bunch of Polish movie actresses popped up. Cool. I google imaged myself.

Um. Yeah, about four pages of dogs, and don't get me wrong they were cute, but cool, I have a dog's name. And then their was a Bratz doll, from like, Eastern Europe--sweet, I'm Barbie's whore-y cousin.

Finally I put my name in a facebook application, and it told me "You are the only Sabina StrangerDanger in the world!"

Damn straight, and proud of it.

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